The protection of buildings against fire

– a challenge for planners and craftsmen


ML Sachverständigen GmbH

Manfred Lippe is a leading expert in the field of fire protection of buildings in Germany. He is not only publicly appointed and sworn-in expert for the structural and plant-specific fire protection, but also for the trade of installers and heating engineers, as well as the trade of heat, cold and sound protective insulation (fire stops).

Lippe acts as CEO of ML Sachverständigen Gesellschaft mbH and LiComTec GmbH. He successfully completed an apprenticeship as mechanical engineer and subsequently studied mechanical engineering, discipline: production technology, at the Paderborn University in Meschede. He worked as production manager, head of application engineering and marketing for various companies in the HVAC and chemical sector for over 20 years.

The graduate engineer regularly shares his specialist knowledge. Among other things, he is a lecturer at the European Institute for postgraduate education, Dresden – a company of TUDAG Dresden, faculty of fire protection in building services. Additionally, Lippe is speaker at the VDI Bildungswerk (educational institute) and works with well-known companies on continuing education in the field.

As member of the task force ARGEBAU pipe systems, he also contributed to the issuance of MLAR 03/2000 and MLAR 11/2005 (sample guideline about fire protection requirements for pipe systems)

The protection of buildings against fire is a challenge for planners and craftsmen

Implementation of building guidelines in the national and European environment

Requirements in building services

The building guidelines for the preventive fire protection are set by the construction ministers of the respective states on national basis, considering the special constructional demands and designs, for example:

–                Building regulations as general building guidelines
–                Industrial building guideline
–                Guideline for high-rise buildings
–                Guideline for places of assembly
–                Drinking water ordinance
–                Regulations on energy saving
–                Environmental regulations

Beside these building code requirements, further relevant planning, layout and design values are published for  the technical building service, for example:

–                Piping system guideline (LAR)
–                Ventilation system guideline (LüAR),
–                System bottom guideline (SysBöR)
–                Directive for the construction of electrical service rooms (EltBau VO)

The specialist planners of architecture, statics and technical building service involved in the construction must respect the mentioned requirements for a building answering the purpose, considering the building code and economic aspects and have them approved.

The speaker will go into fire protection interfaces between surface engineering and fire protection in the building service using the example of piping systems.