The climate change is the result of planning action


Ökoplan office for contemporary energy application

Bernd Schwarzfeld, born in 1958, studied supply and energy technology in Berlin. He then worked as project engineer in the fields of shipbuilding and district heating distribution systems. In 1992, Schwarzfeld founded the Hamburg engineering firm, Ökoplan office for contemporary energy application.

His work focuses on the analysis of building systems, development and realization of complex heat distribution systems (district and local heat), preparation of expert reports for energy-saving construction, numerical building and plant system simulations (TRNSYS) and flow simulations by means of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

For more than 20 years, Schwarzfeld has regularly written climate protection reports for energetic building standards and fundamental expert reports for public promotions and regulations for energy-saving construction. He developed the Hamburg energy passport displaying the current energetic state of a building and informing about energetic saving potentials and possibilities of modernization that meet the requirements of federal promotion.

As specialist engineer and expert for energy and building services systems, Schwarzfeld is a speaker who is in great demand on topics related to energy-saving construction and modernization or regenerative energies and concepts. In his lectures, he stresses the presentation of physical contexts and the analysis of current processes.