The Challenge Manager – the new methods of the winners


Management Consultant and Ambassador of the Shaolin Temple

Robert Egger is a leadership efficiency expert and first contact for management solutions in rapidly changing, complex environments.  A neurophysicist and former project manager in aerospace technology, he guides people and organizations for best results, increases effectiveness and efficiency, and gets to the heart of the successful “Challenge Management” culture with up-to-date neurophysical facts. He is a pragmatic thought leader and committed partner with many years of experience and competence.

Robert Egger is a nationally and internationally sought-after keynote speaker. He is a multiple award-winning author in the field of neurophysics, a lecturer at the Vienna International Academy for Holistic Medicine, and a coordinator in the Economic Senate as advisor for economics and politics.

Challenge Management is the chief operation system of many success-oriented organizations. It is used by numerous national and international companies to realign management teams and use the opportunities of the future in the midst of daily business operations.

The Challenge Manager – the new methods of the winners

No one knows what challenges the future holds. But one thing is certain: the winners will be those who are willing to quickly say farewell to former ways of doing things and develop the skills to manage continuous, rapid changes. These winners  ̶  Challenge Managers  ̶  use the powerful energies of megatrends and the best methods of modern neurophysics:

  1. for accelerating their companies‘ performance.
  2. for increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. for making landmark decisions more quickly.
  4. for managing people.

Daniel Kahnemann received the Nobel Prize for Economics for these efficient leadership methods, which are based on neurophysics and neuropsychology. And you will be able to achieve sales records in difficult times.